Business and Financial Book Reviews Coming

Over the next week, we’ll be publishing a series of book reviews for classic business books that I’ve read over the past ten years. Essentially, when I read them I took notes for my own use of the books’ salient points, and thought that it might be helpful to pull together those notes into a “review” that is largely a synopsis of the best lessons from those books. I thought it might be helpful for agents who might have read them, as a quick refresher, and for agents who might have only heard of them and might like a quick overview that might tempt them to get the books themselves.

Most of the books are about management and motivation, which is always on point for real estate professionals. A few are about financial management, which is something I was interested in learning about a few years ago and which might be useful to more than a few agents I know….

Hope you enjoy them. We’ll be publishing one a day for about a week or so.