Rules for CORE Agents #33: You Wouldn’t Trust a Doctor Who Still Used Leaches

Consider the plight of the poor “Realtosaurus” – real estate agents who are increasingly falling behind because they stubbornly resist learning how to use modern technology.  They’re so afraid of these new technologies that they’ve overcompensated by … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #32: Spend Five Minutes Each Morning Organizing Your Day

If you can carve out five minutes every morning to organize your day, you’ll save yourself many, many more minutes.  I know you’re busy.  We’re all busy.  But we’re only talking about five minutes.  300 seconds! I’m not talking about anything … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #31: Never Talk to Another Real Estate Agent For More Than Five Minutes

I love real estate agents. I work with them every day. I am even married to one. You probably like real estate agents, too.  They’re your colleagues, your co-workers, your friends, and the people you spend most of your time with every day. But you … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #30: Better a Holiday Than a “Hollow Day”

You ever come to the end of the day, exhausted in that satisfying way that reassures you that you’ve had a good, productive day?  And then when you review what you accomplished, you realize that you spent the whole day getting a whole lot of nothing … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #29: Wednesday is the Enemy of All Diets

You ever go on a diet? I’ve been on lots and lots of them, and they all go kind of the same way. I wake up Monday morning, full of enthusiasm to start the new diet.  I have that all-important first meal of the day, something with lots of fiber and … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #28: Any Plan is Better Than No Plan

All diets work, even the gimmicky ones. You want to spend the next six weeks eathing nothing but cabbage soup?  You’ll lose weight.  Nothing but carbs?  You’ll lose weight.  No carbs, just protein?  You’ll lose weight.  Grapefruit, nothing but … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #27: Important Things Go On a Schedule, Not a “To Do” List

I love making “to do” lists.  Take out a piece of paper, write a bunch of tasks on them, and then feel that ecstasy of accomplishment when I get to cross something off.  So satisfying! Bu to do lists should only be used for small things, not big … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #26: Buildings Built Without Blueprints Fall Down a Lot

You wouldn’t want to hire a surgeon who was just “winging it” when he performed your operation.  You wouldn’t feel safe with a pilot who chucked his flight plan out the window and literally decided to fly your plane by the seat of his pants.  You … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #25: All the Stuff You Don’t Like to Do is Why People Pay You

I used to live on the fourth floor of a walkup brownstone on the upper west side of Manhattan.  Lots of stairs. I hated walking up those stairs every day, and I particularly hated carrying heavy things up the stairs.  So when we bought stuff like … [Continue reading]

Rules for CORE Agents #24: When Someone Asks You How You’re Doing, Say “I’m GREAT!”

When you become an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to be in a bad mood. Bad moods bring bad results.  It’s tough to get hard things done when you’re walking around like a mope all day.  And it’s also tough to generate new business, since people don’t … [Continue reading]