What Would the World’s Best Real Estate Agent Do?

We just had a great session today with about 300 agents covering how the World’s Best Real Estate Agent would develop her business.  The question I’m posing to the class is “What Would the World’s Best Real Estate Agent Do?” with regard to all aspects of her business. How would she manage her clients? How would she deal with other agents? What tools would she use? And how would she build her business?

I’ve set up the Discussion space above for agents to submit their thoughts. Make suggestions, share ideas, write about your success stories, or give us an idea of what we could do to create a better service experience for agents and clients.

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  1. Lisa Rice says:

    A client I met with for the first time yesterday is moving to Warwick because her son travels from Cornwall to attend the BOCES program at Sanfordville Elementary, and she’d like to live closer to the school. In discussing the school, she stated that she loves it, but sometimes feels left out of things because they are BOCES and not in the district, even though the elementary school always includes BOCES students in activities. Anyway, as we were driving around, I stopped at the district office and picked up a district calendar for her. She was absolutely thrilled and said how easy it would make her life to know what was going on in the school. As my daughter attends Sanfordville, I also told her I would provide her with the in-school monthly calendar. It took me two minutes, but my client is over the moon!

    • Lest anyone think that Lisa wasn’t following directions, the post has been updated to ask people to make suggestions and comments in a separate “Discussion” section that’s in the title bar. She actually gets kudos for being the find the blog and post to it, so my thanks to her. Also, my apologies that her comment is now in the wrong section.

      As for Lisa’s story, I love it. Something small and simple, but which has a significant impact on your client’s experience. Great!